Bach: Art of Fugue

Bach’s contrapuntal masterwork on viols

Although J.S. Bach’s Art of Fugue (BWV 1080) was written well after the sun had set on the age of the viol consort, we find that our ensemble thrives in this music, as a kind of single polyphonic organism. By assigning each line of counterpoint to a different instrument, the work’s brilliant structure becomes illuminated from within, without losing any of its cohesiveness. It is to date our highest-selling recording, and our favourite Bach programme. Read more about it here.

J.S. Bach  Die Kunst der Fuge

Contrapunctus 1
Contrapunctus 3
Contrapunctus 2
Contrapunctus 4
Contrapunctus 5
Contrapunctus 6
Contrapunctus 10
Contrapunctus 9
Contrapunctus 7
Contrapunctus 8
Contrapunctus 11
Unfinished Contrapunctus


Art of Fugue