Matthew Locke

Matthew Locke

Matthew Locke

Released on 30 March 1996

Consort of Fower Parts (6 suites), duos for two bass viols. With Paul Nicholson (organ & spinet) and Nigel North (archlute)

As ever with Fretwork, the intonation and ensemble are well-nigh perfect. Locke’s special language shines as brightly here as I can ever remember


What else can I say by praise of Fretwork? They play with a gorgeously singing tone and have a knack of making a kind of legato slide, which gently eases the listener from one outrageous Lockeian turn to another. Their sense of the line of the music doesn’t hinder their giving each phrase a sense of being scrutinised by the composer; in fact it helps it keep the music moving more than the also enjoyable, but darker and more introspective performances of the same repertoire by…Hesperion XX. For my money, Fretwork have the edge, and long may they and Virgin Veritas join forces to bring more of this glorious and for too long neglected music…

BBC Radio 3 Record Review


Catalogue number: Virgin Classics VC 5 45142 2






Date: March 09, 2013